Posted on 08 December 2018

Hello guys, a few days ago i have a problem with my blog Template. My template was Blocked by jquery library. And than, i searching how to fix this Problem. I recognize the need to recover this problem. Now, i want to tell you how to fix Render Blocking Jquery easily.

What should i do?

You must recover step by step. Follow my tutorials.

  • First, You must search Jquery Library Code. Such us :

<script src='//' type='text/javascript'/>

  • Second, cut this code and then put before </body> code.
  • Third, Search all of yours Jquery code. It's identic with "$" in the first code.
  • Fourth, put it beneath the jquery library code. example :


<script type='text/javascript'>








Finished to Fix this Problem. Any question? I think enough for this Tutorial. Don't Forget to read the other tutorials.

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