E-Marketing via Social Networking

This paper explores three major areas in the field of e-marketing through social networking sites,
namely: the roles of e-marketing through social networking sites, the necessary foundations for
the success of e-marketing through social networking sites and lastly, the methods used in
e-marketing through social networking sites. The author defines e-marketing as the activities
practiced by marketing personnel through the use of Internet as a platform for these activities.
Centered in Saudi Arabia, this study focuses on small businesses that are implementing digital
marketing to sell their goods and service, generally through the use of social networking sites.

Primarily, the objective of the research is to recognize that e-marketing through social
networking sites has significant importance in terms of marketing techniques practiced by small
business projects. Moreover, the research aims to uncover the challenges faced by these
marketing personnel of small businesses when using e-marketing techniques, as well as level of
application that these businesses have applied e-marketing in, and how effective their techniques
are in maximizing their businesses outcomes. These objectives are aimed at to increase
awareness on how e-marketing through social networking sites would provide numerous
advantages to the businesses implementing it. The writer adds on that e-marketing is particularly
beneficial when cutting down on expenses, reducing the risk ratio as well as additional
opportunities in businesses that are just starting off - providing them with a considerably cheap
platform for marketing.

As reviewed by the author, business organizations in Saudi Arabia generally practices
e-commerce to enhance their marketing activities, with a large number of businesses and
organizations operating websites on the Internet. Furthermore, studies also found that businesses
that practices e-marketing showed a positive correlation with increasing profitability. This shows
that e-marketing holds significant importance on the development of the economy, as business
organizations compete in various terms such as customer satisfaction and target population.

The methods used in this research was a descriptive study, with statistical analysis conducted
through SPSS. Results were gathered from 146 respondents of which 48 were male and 98 were
female, and a majority were university degree holders or above. In summary, the results showed
that a majority of the respondents agreed on the importance of e-marketing through social media
sites, where presence of these companies on the digital platform results in positive responses
from customers. Additionally, the study also found that much of the difficulties faced by
businesses when implementing digital marketing is attracting clients and gaining their trust.
Finally, the paper recommended that continuous innovation is necessary to improve small
business projects and the roles of e-marketing to be studied even further in differing cultures as
well as regions of the world.


Following the objectives studied and the results analysed by the author, it is agreed that
e-marketing plays a vital role in a majority of businesses. Nowadays, technology can be found in
almost all parts of the world, thus showing a great significance of its presence. Marketing
through this digital platform contributes to the success of not only multi-million dollar
companies but also small startups that are always looking for ways to cut cost, increase
efficiency in terms of human capacity as well as effective marketing, which are all available
through the implementation of e-marketing. Continuous studies are needed in the field of
e-marketing through social media sites to ensure that the best approaches can be applied and
certain measures can be taken to curb potential challenges when utilizing this particular platform.
Studies that are carried out in this regards should branch out into different variables such as
cultural diversity as well as regional differences, in order to assess the best practices in the
implementation of e-marketing techniques through social media sites.

Source by : Amal Afifah binti Haji Rusali